Welcome to the "Download Me a Game"page.

To play a game, simply click on the below hyperlink and a game will be downloaded to your computer. The game is 3.5MB. If you are lucky to have a T1 line, your time will be in a few seconds. If you have a 14.4 modem and a 386 equivalent computer, your download time may be 5-8 minutes. It is hard to say just how long your download times will be with the enormous variety of computer/modem equipment, and Internet speeds at any given time.

A few reminders:

Do read the Home Page information (what you see after you enter <www.spacecolony.com>) . It contains all the game design background and 'ticking clock' aspects of the game, as well as showing you sample pictures of the gestures of Personality Types.

Select the Colonist Personality Type first, then select the advice to solve the Operational problem.

Focus on the hand gestures, not the faces of the 'colonists' shown on the Home Page, when asked to name the 'Personality Types'. There were 15 people photographed, all who were filmed gesturing in the four Personality Type postures: Formal Leader, Informal Leader, Planner and Peacemaker.

Please, at some point, give me your thoughts by going to the Feedback page, which has an addressed hyperlink for your convenience.


Dennis R. Archambault, Game Designer/Producer

These files are self-extracting for the respective platforms

Click here for the Windows 95 and NT complete game.

Click here for the Windows 3.1 and Windows XP complete game.

Click here for the Windows platform new game files.

Click here for the Machintosh complete game.

Click here for the Machintosh new game files.

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